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From the esthetic perspective, lingual orthodontics provides the best option for comprehensive treatment of most malocclusions while maintaining full three-dimensional control of the dentition. In the quest to make this a reality especially from the indian scenario, 'iLingual' braces was conceptualized by Dr.Jignesh Kothari in 2007 and thereon prototypes were modified to its current design. We have taken iLingual a step ahead to the future of CAD CAM lingual orthodontics-'iLingual 3D' - India's first fully customized lingual orthodontic straight wire appliance. This appliance aims at addressing the FIVE basic fears in lingual orthodontics



"I had braces before but my smile and bite was not right,I did not know what to do, until I got to know of iLingual braces, I had never imagined that such a change was possible without anybody knowing that I was wearing braces, infact I did entire movies with them and it was just no problem at all. Now I smile more often then before since I know its good for sure,"

"In a profession like mine where it is important to look good all the time, this was a boon,since I could socialize and continue my work without being embarrassed of having braces. I visited my orthodontist where he explained about the new system and its benefits, today I am glad about my decision since I have a perfect set of teeth and a great smile ."
Nihaar Pandya.

"I had the privilege of getting solution for my persisting and nagging problem with ilingual braces, which many doctors advised not feasible considering the nature of the problem and age. The treatment has improved my self confidence and self-esteem tremendously. This has helped in all areas of my life; my health, my family and my profession. I am able to perform my duties with much more confidence and ease."
Mr Vimalan. CEO SRC Projects Pvt ltd

"I am a performer and the only thing I was not sure was my teeth. but that was some months ago, today my greatest weakness is my strength. Thanks to the amazing technology of ilingual 3d appliance."
Anshuman Jha- Actor