Your smile, is the first image which most people have of you, the one which stays.A pleasant smile is important regardless of your age or your lifestyle. Studies have shown that facial appearance can influence people's social life Your appearance highly influences the opinion other people have about you .The orthodontic treatment is an investment for a lifetime since the greater well-being is permanent.

The treatment shall also play an important role in the improvement of overall oral health. The bad arrangement of teeth can entail an abnormal wear of teeth and difficulties of chewing. The noises and pain of the joints and the headaches which are often associated can be sometimes due to badly positioned teeth and deepbite.

Well aligned teeth are easier to clean thus more resistant to cavities and less subject to the gum diseases.

Why to choose iLingual

It is a "lingual" orthodontic system, which means it is invisible. The only person who knows that you wear an appliance, is you. The appliance is prepared for you, no patient has the same device: the brackets and the archwires of the appliance which your practitioner is going to use during your treatment, are totally individualized. The appliance is more effective and efficient giving an excellent result more quickly.

Why the ilingual appliance is more comfortable

Because we use the small brackets and place them as close to the tooth surface as possible thus reducing the irritation to the tongue .

Why a treatment with the ilingual system is faster?

On the computer the appliance is individualized according to the anatomy of your teeth so as to obtain the best result in the shortest time. Since the Appliance is fabricated with high end CAD / CAM technology and all the archwires are individualized (no standard archwire is used), your teeth move faster towards the ideal position .

Can see the result before beginning the treatment?

Yes we can, it is one of big advantages of iLingual 3D. The appliance is built on a computer thus your orthodontist can show you the final result before beginning. You can even show him the position of your teeth which you prefer before the appliance is made.

Can the iLingual system be used for all the patients?

Yes, there is no contraindication with this system but it is needed to have a good hygiene. ilingual can be used for teenagers and adults at any age.

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